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Dipsy is a slighty crazy (in a good way) young lady. She can smile with the best of them and is absolutely crazy about her father Bruce. She and he can get into all kinds of trouble together. Dipsy is a lovely girl. I am so very happy with her.

Newline Lakshmi X Black Beaujolais De Champernoune

Owner: Dit Koelewijn

Breeder: Karin van Wijngeeren

Born: 15 December 2007



8 C.A.C.
10 R-C.A.C.
6 C.A.C.I.B.
6 R-C.A.C.I.B.
1 Hopprinces 2009 & Hopkoningin 2011
1 Best Bitch STC Clubmatch 2009
4 B.O.B.
6 B.I.G.

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