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First a short introduction as to how I came to breed Scotties. It was exactly 30 years ago that I started breeding Dobermans. They are quite different to what I now do, Scotties. And it was a lot of work, a lot of training…a lot of investigating and from time to time a show or club match.

That is how I got inspired to breed. At first I did everything on the advice of the breeder of my female. We did a lot of research as to how to breed. We started to look for a good male to breed our female.
One male seemed the best for us based on his build and pedigree. They had a fling and 9 weeks later I got surprised by 13 pups!! YES 13!!!


One day I saw a woman with a Scottish terrier pup. I wondered what race that was, a Scottie thus. He was adorable and I thought to myself “when I am older and don’t have Dobermans to train I’ll buy myself a Scottie.” For 15 years I promised myself a Scottie. When the time came I did a lot of research and found that I had to wait a year for a pup as there no pups available. Patience is a virtue, and it was rewarded when I got a phone call from Maagdendans that pups were born in Tilburg. That was Jacqueline van Tilburg. There she was, at last, my first Scottie Kira! Kira of Jacky’s Pride.

With another black female that I had kept, I drove all the way to Bärbel Bruweleit in Germany to breed. We bred to Peregil Downtown Eureka, a wheaten male. It was love at first site. This female that I kept also had 3 litters. Her name was Clair From the Old Ryne. From her last litter I also kept a female, Sofie Vom Xantnerhof. She had 2 litters, the first a wheaten male and a black female. The second litter was a wheaten female and a black female. The father was Mischief Maker the Champernoune.


Now I have one female from Karin van Wijngeeren, Clan of Rebels Dazzling Starlight (Dipsy). I also have two beautiful males, Black Beaujolais De Champernoune (Bruce) and Dutch and Belgian champion Henry of Salt and Pepper. He is retired after an illustrious career. This is my tale of getting into the breeding of Scotties. In the 20 years that I have been breeding Scotties I have had 18 litters, and continue to breed, striving for healthy, happy dogs.
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