''Henry Of Salt And Pepper''

Dutch & Belgian Champion & Veteran Champion


We have decided to show Henry Of Salt And Pepper again, We would very much like to make him veteran champion. We hope Henry still wants to do shows… we will, of course, keep everyone updated.

 Henry has scored his third veteran cac!

Thus is now: 


Lucia,s Dream Sundanc Kid x  Downtown Ukulele

Henry of Salt and Pepper was my first male I had at home. I thought it was terrific, finally a real wheaten Scottie for myself! I was totally in love with him and not only myself, my husband and daughter thought he was the living end when he came walking through our door. As a pup, Henry was so sweet and peaceful. I, of course, was not used to that from a Scottie. (we only ever had pups that wanted to chew everything up!) But Henry did not, he kept to himself if he thought that necessary and let us know when he needed to go out and of course when he wanted to eat. He has always been that way.




After several months I started to show Henry. Oh how majestic he was when he was in the ring. He loved it and really went for it. Of course we had ups and downs as most, one week Excellent and the next week 3 very good, that is part of showing. In our opinion Henry was the best, of course. Finally Henry got his deserved marks and became Dutch and Belgian champion. We were all so very proud, and still are. He is a sweetheart.


  Henry has a lot of offspring walking about, of that too we are proud. Unfortunately after breeding many times, Scottie cramp was constituted in pups of his and we immediately stopped breeding him. After he stopped working he was such a lovely house pet and we thoroughly enjoyed his company!



Since Henry had become a cosy house dog and was getting on in years he started doing things in his own time and really relaxing. Sometimes he would have a crazy 5 minutes running about and showing off and then he would retire to his bed. Then I got a phone call from 2 good friends, Patrick and Laurens. Their Scottie had passed away at 17 and it was oh so quiet in the house without him. So I told them that I had to discuss it with my husband and daughter, but I would like to place Henry with them. So let it be said, so let it be done…I called Patrick and Laurens with good news, they could come and pick up Henry, under strict orders that they would take extra good care of him. Of course they said they would and came the same week to pick up Henry. He is living large now, and taken charge of their house.






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